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Plumbing Design Services-Millat Consultants
June 9, 2018
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Let Our Qualified Design Engineers Help with Your HVAC Design

Our expert HVAC engineer guarantees that your design conforms to the requirements of the building code and ASHRAE Standards and in accordance with your requirements. The HVAC design service covers the sizing and selection of heating and air conditioning systems duct sizing and layout design, for commercial office and kitchen hood and duct design, and garage and restroom ventilation.
Our HVAC Design Services include:
• HVAC System Design
• HVAC Duct Design and layout Design
• HVAC Equipment Selection and layout
• Load Calculation (Cooling and Heating)
• Schedule for Equipment
• Pipe Sizing and Layout Sizing

Benefits of Good Design
Because HVAC systems account for 40% to 60% of the energy used in commercial buildings, good design work is critical. Many issues that surface after a job is completed are related to inferior design work, including user discomfort, poor indoor air quality and improper ventilation. At Millat Consultants, we address each of these issues early in the schematic design phase as we work closely with all project team members, including architects, engineers and general contractors. Our goal is to design a system that works within your budget and saves energy costs, without sacrifice to user comfort or air quality.

Pricing a Project

Once a plan meets your requirements, our Sales and Estimating department will assist you with all your pricing needs. Whether it’s a simple roof top unit or a complete central boiler, temperature control and chilled water plan, we’re ready to help. We provide everything from budget estimates to formal quotations on your projects.

Building Information Modeling
The latest technologies are always applied in the design process. Our specialists monitor new developments within the profession, and are active in implementing innovations into the construction process. Additionally, Millat Consultants maintains its own comprehensive cost database which greatly facilitates cost estimations and project activity planning.

Primary software used in Building information modeling (BIM) at Millat Consultants includes:



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